Updated: 20 December 2021

IELTS testing takes place as planned. Please register through our website

Please find below our safety measurements to protect the health of our test takers:

In response to the Swiss government announcement, from 20.12.2021, IELTS test attendees and other exam attendees, aged 16 and over, will be required to provide a valid EU/CH COVID 3G certificate.  This certificate can be obtained if you are recovered from COVID in the last 12 months, have been vaccinated, or have been tested (PCR or Antigen). Please note that a PCR test result is valid for 72 hours and an Antigen test result is valid for 24 hours.  You will be provided more information via email prior to the examination. If clarification is required, please contact us at exams@britishcouncil.ch 

  • Please be aware that wearing a face mask is compulsory.
  • Candidates showing flu symptoms (fever, coughing etc.) on the test day will be asked not to come to the venue.
  • Do respect the indicated arrival time strictly, to avoid the creation of large groups.
  • Be aware that both in the beginning and at the end of the exam there may be delays due to additional Corona-related measures.

You can find answers to any questions you may have below and on the following page with health and safety measures.

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