Dmitry gesticulating on stage in Cheltenham

Dmitry Kopelyanskiy, winner 2018

Communication and Events Coordinator, Department of Biochemistry, University of Lausanne. Website:

Dmitry is a PhD candidate at UNIL, where he investigates molecular mechanisms of immune response against parasitic infections. Passionate about science communication, after winning Famelab Switzerland and being in the international final, Dmitry won several other science communication and public speaking competitions. He is a presenter, moderator and panelist at public outreach and knowledge-sharing events. He also organizes science festivals, workshops and social activities for his department.

Oskari on the FameLab stage wearing a hat shaped like a birthday cake

Oskari Vinko, national and international winner 2015


Oskari is Co-Founder of UniteLabs, a life science laboratory automation start-up that builds solutions that can be re-purposed to perform new tasks. Despite his young age, Oskari combines his science background of engineering, physics, molecular biology, synthetic biology and computer science with leadership and business experience resulting from co-founding three start-ups. Since 2015 Oskari has also had a passion for teaching and competing in science communication, resulting in several awards.