Wednesday 03 May 2017 to Sunday 07 May 2017

This year's out + about theatre festival features two UK productions: The Money and The Thing - An Automatic Workshop.


Become a Benefactor in The Money by donating as much as you can. Work with other Benefactors to decide what to spend the group’s money on. You have 90 minutes to come to a decision. If you don’t decide unanimously in the allotted time you relinquish your privilege to spend the money and the money rolls over to the next group of Benefactors.

If you’re the quiet observing type you can become a Silent Witness and watch as the group of Benefactors attempt to decide how to spend the money they’ve donated. And if you want to voice your opinion you can always become a Benefactor and buy your way in.

Spend the money on whatever you want. Be as creative as you like. Just keep within the law. 


The Thing - An Automatic Workshop is a  “workshop” which aims to create the best possible conditions for its participants to dare enact another possible version of themselves; to take a leap of both faith and imagination, by which one decisively steps out of one's own ‘comfort zone’ to engage with the world as if such limits had been removed. A 16-hour automated "performance” where the only people present are a group of 8-12 participants who follow a mix of pre-recorded and scripted triggers. There are no leaders or authors present. Participants can be from diverse backgrounds - not just the arts.